Support users as they efficiently record the observed testing values from environmental or product inspection tasks, using an interface optimized for mobile or desktop functionality. You can chart this data with our built-in analysis tools and export it to a number of formats like PDF, Excel, and Word. With our built-in reporting tools, you can create virtually unlimited documents for use as certificates of analysis, item specifications and process control charts.


Focus on functionality related to non-conformance reporting, root cause analysis, corrective actions and other aspects of a CAPA system. Target the needs of ISO9000:2015 requirements for formal improvement management processes in certified organizations. Assign responsible parties to tasks, monitor timeliness of results, and track activity status.


Record and retain test data as lot or serial attributes to aid in material selections and material status. Control materials access and consumption. Manage receiving and shipping approvals with quarantine and release status.

Requires Microsoft DynamicsGP.

Spotlight on
Certificates of Analysis

Certificates of Analysis are critical documents for some manufactures and often accompany shipments as a condition of receipt. Buyer organizations may require multiple formats and varied content requirements. Managing the variety, accuracy and timeliness is a demanding and costly activity. We solve those issues with layouts, formats and templates that can be created to meet individual customer and item requirements.

Pricing, Licensing, Integration

A license for Quality Essentials Suite (QES) allows your organization to manage quality data for one named Company. There is no per-user fee; our product permits unlimited users to access the named Company. Data is managed with Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition (free version) or Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition (separate purchase). This software solution is deployed with a client/server architecture that includes remote or web access. There is a choice of user interfaces for results entry: one is configured for mobile devices such as tablets and the other for desktop or laptop entry with full keyboards.

Our quality management software includes tools for data export to Excel, report design, and dashboard development.

Quality Essentials Suite is designed to be a stand-alone quality management software solution that can be run independently of any source ERP or business software. At this time, however, QES does integrate with the following ERP solutions: Microsoft DynamicsGP with no manufacturing option, Microsoft DynamicsGP with Microsoft GP Manufacturing, Microsoft DynamicsGP with Horizons Manufacturing Suite. Additional integrations are under consideration.