Digitize your Quality Data

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Planning to bring in new tools to support your Quality department’s functions? Consider a tool to digitize your Quality data? Your Quality department or the Quality function in your organization is not exempt from the need to innovate and be more cost-effective. But you may find that the very nature of Quality as a function makes the effort to change more challenging than in other departments. We can see the root of this challenge by simply looking at the various ‘industry’ definitions for Quality. No matter the specific school of …


Partnerships – How Diversity Develops Knowledge

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I was recently asked to contribute some ideas to an article published in The Partner Channel magazine on the topic, “Keys to Successful Partnerships”. I was really happy to take some time to marshal my thoughts and to contribute to the effort, because I believe that partnerships are an increasingly important tool for achieving successful outcomes. Partnerships enable us to be comfortable with diversity, and diversity develops knowledge. The world is getting both larger and smaller. With widespread access to specialty content, our world is getting larger. Information is at …

Moving forward

How Can You Tell if Inertia is Keeping You from Moving Forward?

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Manufacturers must concern themselves with regulatory changes, technology changes, and market changes that are not always an evolutionary part of the business story. Identifying when individual task-ownership and simple inertia is undermining your overall efforts to respond effectively to outside requirements is tricky because, after all, not changing is always more comfortable. Breaking free of the past without leaving the value of historical experience behind is a challenging balancing act. Understanding your organization’s tendency to prefer closed- versus open-systems can help you diagnose and fix your innovation challenges. Pattern recognition …