Why is Innovation So Much More Successful than Simple Change?

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In a world where rate of change and rate of progress are rapidly accelerating, it is likely a good call for management to consider why innovation is so much more successful than change and to use that information to foster an innovative culture. When we look for synonyms for the word innovation, we find terms like change, transformation, revolution, and even upheaval. With a term like change leading the charge and an identity as a revolution rounding out the description, it should come as no surprise that the innovative organization …

The Benefits of a Workplace Giving Program

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Finding an article on Workplace Giving in the recent issue of Quality Digest may be unexpected to some. But if you’ll pause to consider the role of Workplace Giving as a contributing element to the culture of an organization, you may feel a little less surprised. When we think or talk about the Quality body of knowledge and the contribution that the attitude of Quality brings to an organization, it shouldn’t be hard to correlate that the role of Workplace Giving can also be significant in the overall development of …

Dynamics365 - Obstacle or Opportunity

Dynamics365 – Obstacle or Opportunity

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Expanded Choice Can Increase Confusion The various announcements from Microsoft to both the broader market and their partner channel in regard to the Dynamics365 products clearly raise a lot of questions in a wide range of areas. Should existing users migrate to new products? What products should new users select? If the focus is on a specific business challenge like improving inventory execution, what benefits do new products offer? For Microsoft partners, questions arise like ,”how much or when should we invest in learning or marketing the new offerings?” And …