The Most Efficient Tools & Techniques for Quality and More

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Finding the right tools at GP Optimizer Live Winter 2021Choosing the right tools is a crucial part of your success… it makes so much sense that it almost seems redundant to say it. But the reality is, we all too often allow ourselves to make do with what is at hand, or we simply stay stuck in the status quo. Change can be hard, and we can’t always get beyond the sense of trepidation we feel when we allow ourselves to venture down the road of seeking a BETTER (different) …

Inspiring Improvement – Lean Six Sigma Efforts at USPS

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The staff members leading the Lean Six Sigma initiatives in any organization are pretty busy people. They also seem to be people with a great dedication to sharing knowledge and encouraging other organizations to find ways to benefit from the Lean Six Sigma philosophy. One of the indicators of this trend is their willingness to take time to present information on their Lean Six Sigma journeys to their peers. This month at ASQ San Diego, we were fortunate to have one of these dedicated individuals, Steven Mummy, present on the …

The Inevitability of Digital Transformation

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At the inception conference for Microsoft’s Envision this past week in New Orleans, digital transformation was at the heart of CEO Satya Nadella’s keynote address. Anyone not present for the keynote or not particularly focused on the software industry could be forgiven for wondering why a speech was delivered about transferring your photos or music to digital media. After all, haven’t we already done that?