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How Can You Tell if Inertia is Keeping You from Moving Forward?

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Manufacturers must concern themselves with regulatory changes, technology changes, and market changes that are not always an evolutionary part of the business story. Identifying when individual task-ownership and simple inertia is undermining your overall efforts to respond effectively to outside requirements is tricky because, after all, not changing is always more comfortable. Breaking free of the past without leaving the value of historical experience behind is a challenging balancing act. Understanding your organization’s tendency to prefer closed- versus open-systems can help you diagnose and fix your innovation challenges. Pattern recognition …


Why is Innovation So Much More Successful than Simple Change?

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In a world where rate of change and rate of progress are rapidly accelerating, it is likely a good call for management to consider why innovation is so much more successful than change and to use that information to foster an innovative culture. When we look for synonyms for the word innovation, we find terms like change, transformation, revolution, and even upheaval. With a term like change leading the charge and an identity as a revolution rounding out the description, it should come as no surprise that the innovative organization …