Inspiring Improvement – Lean Six Sigma Efforts at USPS

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The staff members leading the Lean Six Sigma initiatives in any organization are pretty busy people. They also seem to be people with a great dedication to sharing knowledge and encouraging other organizations to find ways to benefit from the Lean Six Sigma philosophy. One of the indicators of this trend is their willingness to take time to present information on their Lean Six Sigma journeys to their peers. This month at ASQ San Diego, we were fortunate to have one of these dedicated individuals, Steven Mummy, present on the …

Are There One or Two Paths from Envision 2016?

Are There One or Two Paths from Envision 2016?

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Reading the variety of post-event comments from Microsoft Envision 2016, it is very clear that two strong camps have emerged. Which is not to say that they are in conflict with each other. Just that, in my opinion, there were two important outcomes from the event. The outcomes aren’t even exclusionary. I believe that those individuals who care about one are also those individuals who will care about the other.