Digitize your Quality Data

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Planning to bring in new tools to support your Quality department’s functions? Consider a tool to digitize your Quality data? Your Quality department or the Quality function in your organization is not exempt from the need to innovate and be more cost-effective. But you may find that the very nature of Quality as a function makes the effort to change more challenging than in other departments. We can see the root of this challenge by simply looking at the various ‘industry’ definitions for Quality. No matter the specific school of …

The Costs of Fear in Software Upgrades

The Costs of Fear in Software Upgrades

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As software developers, we get really excited about our new product releases. Releasing a new version of code is a significant benchmark for us and represents the culmination of many hours of design, specification, coding and, yes, testing. In a sense, a code release is like a new airplane rolling out of the production hangar. It comes with a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. But, just like an airplane manufacturer would be disappointed if the airplane never flew, code developers are disappointed when customers are disinterested in upgrading to …