Data Management Module

Affordable Data Collection and Data Analysis for Quality Management

Data collection and data analysis are the key inputs and outputs of your quality management system. Using interfaces optimized for touch or desktop data entry users can efficiently record testing values from product inspection to environmental controls. You can chart this data with our built-in analysis tools and export it to a number of formats like PDF, Excel, and Word. With our built-in reporting tools, you can create virtually unlimited documents for use as certificates of analysis, item specifications and process control charts.

  • Test Records

    Define observable test events and results with one of nine distinct data types.

  • Inspection

    Efficiently execute inspection processes, assigning unlimited tests and sequence.

  • Criteria

    Define acceptable quality levels for testing results based on numerical values, Boolean evaluations, or user-defined lists.

  • Defects

    Define and apply defect codes to non-conforming test results. Unlimited defects can be assigned to any observable event.

  • Item Specification

    Provide customers with records and reports for all material performance specifications and manage required data.

  • Certificate of Analysis Template

    Templates are user defined tools. They manage data selection for each certificate. An unlimited number of templates are allowed.

  • Operational Data

    Manage business operations data like Item ID, Sales Order, Vendor ID, to reduce errors and eliminate duplicate entry.

  • Dashboard Designer

    Generate dashboard controls from any data in your database. Pivot tables, Six Sigma calculations, and other visual representations of your data can be created and run in real time.

  • Report Designer

    A range of standard reports are provided and an unlimited number of new or modified reports can be built to meet business needs.

Mobile or Desktop Data Entry

The best methods for data collection and data analysis will change by industry and physical location. Where mobility is a factor a touch enabled data entry device is most useful. When the data entry load is heavy or rapid a keyboard and mouse is more useful. Entry forms are designed to support rapid data collection and data analysis response times. The availability of concurrent multi user access eliminates data collection and data analysis bottlenecks. Data is secured with Microsoft SQL server.

Dashboard Tools for Data Analysis

Quality control data is most useful when it can be analyzed and shared from a single source. Then the data truly supports great decision making. Our dashboard tool generates visual representations of your data. We provide graphs, pivot tables and other user defined chart types. These tools also create reports. They can generate and maintain data snapshots for performance comparisons. Real time data security is achieved with Microsoft SQL server. Our Dashboard Designer tool means your organization can access the value of their information immediately.