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Finding the right tools at GP Optimizer Live Winter 2021

Choosing the right tools is a crucial part of your success… it makes so much sense that it almost seems redundant to say it. But the reality is, we all too often allow ourselves to make do with what is at hand, or we simply stay stuck in the status quo. Change can be hard, and we can’t always get beyond the sense of trepidation we feel when we allow ourselves to venture down the road of seeking a BETTER (different) WAY.

The recently concluded GP Optimizer Live Winter 2021 event was a gold mine of content targeted to finding the better way. There was a focus on more efficient tools and techniques, as well as a focus on targeting those activities and processes that so many have been struggling with in the past 12 months.

For many businesses it is the experience with COVID that has finally pushed us out of our comfort zone and forced us to leave the past behind. The big question now is what the future holds, and the presenters at GP Optimizer Live Winter 2021 provided lots of ideas.

Quality departments need the right tools for efficiency

Even the organizers of the event got on the band wagon in terms of looking for new tools by hosting the event on a new platform that created the opportunity for more interaction between presenter and audience. It was a refreshing change from sitting in webinars and just watching product demonstrations. It gave presenters the ability to include polls, (or even share their webcam while concurrently displaying slides or sharing software applications). But most of all it gave the audience an opportunity for direct engagement. Truly a dynamic, (pardon the pun), event that elevated how our community could talk to each other, interact and, even network.

Many of the companies presenting took full advantage of these fresh, new, BETTER tools and that translated into more engaging and entertaining sessions than have been the norm in the COVID-era “digital” conference. Presenters and audience got to share a more human and social interaction, and the quality of the content was enhanced as a result. And if you missed it, don’t worry… you can still share in all the benefits, lessons and takeaways from this event.

If you are one of those hundreds of businesses that has been surprised, or maybe even overwhelmed by the range of transactions and decisions that you have had to deal with in the past 12 months, and if you are willing to swallow that lump in your throat that appears every time you think about change, then visit the post event web site and view some of the wonderful presentations.

There was something for everyone to consider...

Manufacturers and Distributors learned about how to deal with key trends like on-shoring and supply chain disruption from Horizons International, Netstock, Panatrack and Blue Moon. For our part, we focused on the lessons learned from 2020, and how the right tools for quality are now critical to make sure companies stay on track with emerging trends in 2021.

The wide range of needs that challenge the Accounting department was a special focus. They were well served with a range of content on how to bring greater efficiency to everything from bank reconciliations to budgets, how to integrate paperless systems to better manage transaction volumes, and the expanded role of payment methods for easing the B2B and B2C relationship. Companies leading the way with innovation here were Mekorma, Fraxion, PowerGP On Line, PaperSave, Nolan, Dynamic Budgets, Metaviewer, Nodus Tech, Binary Stream, Greenshades, and Avalara.

And if your organization is feeling particularly challenged with specialty needs like how to develop and manage more robust security, get current on payroll changes related to COVID, rolling out commission plans in a post-COVID world and/or gaining better insights from your project costing and timesheet records then Rockton, Integrity Data, Ethotech and Journyx all had solutions worth considering.

Finding the right tools to enable success and staying the course while deploying them is always going to be a challenge for every business owner. Participating in a community of knowledgeable peers is one way to help ease those challenges and stay encouraged as we embrace the inevitable need for change. When you are gathering resources so you can focus on the tools for updating your quality and manufacturing processes, remember we have a range of products and services to offer. Our over 30 years of experience can be beneficial in helping you understand what new tools are worth considering.

In the meantime, if you have a need to learn more about any of these solutions, you can view session recordings at the GP Optimizer Live Winter website.

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