Lot and Serial Management

Cradle-to-grave trace of lot and serial data is strictly required in some industries and is generally supported by inventory control functionality in manufacturing and distribution software solutions. If the ERP solution your company uses is Microsoft DynamicsGP, then you can extend the serial and lot trace capabilities with functionality in Quality Essentials Suite.

When working with lot and serial-tracked materials, it is helpful to automated certain tasks. In particular, if these materials have to be retained or excluded from transacting until inspection processes have cleared them for use, it is helpful if they can be identified in a way that prevents such actions. The Lot and Serial Management functionality in QES supports just such activity. When integrated with DynamicsGP, Lot and Serial Management creates transactions in the database that ensure that materials designated for transaction hold cannot be transacted by the users. These transaction holds can be applied manually or they can be preset to occur automatically when purchase receipts are completed or when work order output is posted. Once the hold action is applied, it can only be removed by a designated user accessing QES and releasing the hold transaction. This release process is generated with an accompanying user id and date/time stamp – allowing easy investigation of actions.

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Lot and Serial Attributes

Inventory items may have characteristics that are relevant for decision making but are not inherently contained in a typical inventory or item master record. These characteristics also frequently change from lot to lot or serial to serial. Examples of such data are source of the materials, country of origin, chemical or physical property values. When the inventory is sold or consumed, these characteristics are often evaluated to aid in the selection process. Quality Essentials Suite, with the Lot and Serial Attributes Module, allows users to develop and maintain an unlimited amount of these characteristics data defined as attributes. Our solution includes look up forms and reporting to provide easy access to this data. When integrated with DynamicsGP and Horizons Manufacturing Suite, this attribute data is visible to the user in the materials selection forms for work order components.