Licensing, Integration, Pricing, and Training

  • ERP Integration

    There is one version of our product, but with four installation modes. During installation, you will choose to install it in Standalone mode (no integration with an existing ERP application), or in one of three integrated modes. The following integrations are available: DynamicsGP with Horizons Manufacturing Suite, DynamicsGP with DynamicsGP Manufacturing, and DynamicsGP with Distribution.

  • Licensing

    Our licensing focuses on the number of business entities – named companies – you will manage with our quality management software solution. We sell single-company and multi-company licenses. A single company license entitles an unlimited number of users to concurrently access data for one named company. A multi company license entitles an unlimited number of users to concurrently access data for unlimited named companies. This flexibility in licensing is part of what makes our solution so affordable.

  • Pricing

    We have effectively placed all the functionality you can reasonably need for your quality activities into just one module. Additional functionality is contained in two other modules. Included in these modules are reporting tools, dashboard development tools and data exporting tools. The tables below show pricing by module, as well as any restrictions on use and integration with source ERP solutions.

  • Training

    Our staff is available to consult on implementation and to provide training on product functionality. We also provide videos and on-line help. We recommend that purchasers utilize our Quick Start Program and materials, which provides a rapid introduction to product functionality. These materials include the current version of Quality Essentials Suite, a 30-day Activation code, and complete documentation. With these tools in hand, a user can experience the functionality of our product in as little as 90 minutes.

Estimated Project Costs

Use the tabs on the left to view estimates of costs for your manufacturing, quality or distribution projects. The costs shown are broken into three categories: software license, annual maintenance fee, and implementation services. Costs for hardware and related equipment are not included.


This table shows options for integrating Quality Essentials Suite with DynamcisGP and various Manufacturing modules:

  Data Management Improvement Management Serial/Lot Management Serial/Lot Attributes
Standalone X X    
DynamicsGP with
Horizons Mfg
DynamicsGP with
GP Mfg
DynamicsGP with