Quick Start


We want you to be able to try Quality Essentials Suite with no risk, so we have developed our Quick Start program to help you install and run our software in less than 90 minutes. As part of this program you will receive:

  1. Instructions to download and install Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition (the free version of SQL Server). If you already own a Microsoft SQL Server environment, you may use it for the trial.
  2. Access to our trial code package with a registration key that will allow you to run the software for 30 days from date of activation.
  3. Sample data to install with the trial code that will allow you to immediately complete your first quality management transactions.
  4. A complete instruction set that will allow you to learn the architecture of the solution by creating the same data that is provide in the sample data set.

We know that there are differences between industries in how quality management software will be used. In creating our Quick Start program, we have provided an operations scenario where manufactured items are made and inspected. With our Quick Start data set and trial code, you will be able to immediately experience:

  • How the tasking of recording observable test results is supported for both mobile and desktop entry.
  • How the use of different data types such as numbers or lists or free text can be used to improve accuracy and analysis.
  • How the software immediately alerts you to results data that does not meet tolerances.
  • How to easily export data to excel for additional analysis as an alternative to the provided dashboard tools.
  • How to generate a variety of different formats for customized Certificates of Analysis based on your recorded data.
  • How a quality management software solution built on a relational database better supports unlimited concurrent users to make your organization more efficient and the data you generate more timely.