• GPOptimizer Summer 2017
  • The Secret to Implementing Perpetual Inventory

    Published July 2017, GPOptimizer Summer 2017
    By Frances Donnelly, C.Q.P.A.

    Improving profitability requires responsiveness based on accurate and timely data. Integrated perpetual inventory functionality delivers on that requirement. Read this issue for other helpful insights on reducing the costs of running your business…

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    Why is implementing perpetual inventory, using an integrated software solution, so challenging to most users? I believe the answer lies in the…

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  • GPOptimizer Winter 2017
  • Physical Inventory — The Foundation for Quality Management

    Published January 2017, GPOptimizer Winter 2017
    By Frances Donnelly, C.Q.P.A.

    Inventory investment to run your business is serious stuff. Any ability to achieve customer satisfaction levels while reducing that investment pays off in a big way on your bottom line. This issue has several ideas that might be useful for your organization.

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    The results of physical inventory don’t just tell you what the inventory is worth. Properly executed the process also tells you how accurately your regular procedures reflect the performance of your business.

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  • GPOptimizer 2016 Summer Edition
  • Documents for the Quality Function are Not Just Reports

    Published July 2016, GPOptimizer Summer 2016
    By Frances Donnelly, C.Q.P.A.

    Businesses thrive when they satisfy their customers in some way that provides competitive advantage. In today’s well-developed ISV solution community, tools to leverage those advantages have often already been developed. Utilizing those off-the-shelf solutions can be a cost effective way to improve operations and quality of results.

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    Accurately generating a certificate of analysis often requires more data than just the quality control results. Read more on how Quality Essentials suite provides the right tools for this task.

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  • GPOptimizer 2016 Winter Edition
  • Selecting Solutions for Manufacturing – What is Changing?

    Published January 2016, GPOptimizer Winter 2016
    By Frances Donnelly, C.Q.P.A.

    This edition of GPOptimizer focuses on identifying all the repetitive but demanding tasks that go into running your business day to day and identifying a range of tools to make them less cumbersome and more efficient. Users are constantly seeking more efficiency and more accuracy and they will find some great solutions in this publication.

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    Manufacturing has been around for a long time, but the nature of the methods used to control manufacturing today are rapidly changing and tools are needed that accommodate those changes.

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  • GPOptimizer 2015 Summer Edition
  • Business Data: What Comes after Cost and Count?

    Published July 2015, GPOptimizer Summer 2015
    By Frances Donnelly, C.Q.P.A.

    Traditionally business systems do a good job concentrating on the cost and count of activities. But information needs are expanding and businesses need tools to acquire, manage and analyze that expanded data.

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    The guiding documents for business performance are the balance sheet, the profit and loss statement and cash flow details. These stand the test of time for communicating a snapshot of the health of any business.

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