Statistical Process Control

We provide real time statistical process control chart software with capability calculations and other trend analysis outputs that enable maintaining and improving quality standards in regulated and repetitive industries. Our tools will make the process more coordinated and friendly for your users.

For manufacturing organizations nowhere is the digital gap more telling or more destructive than when the data indicating problems cannot be read, shared, analyzed or acted upon in a timely manner.

Most organizations have to deal with a fractured set of processes and tools when it comes to making the most of their quality control data. Sophisticated data analysis or reporting requires time consuming efforts of transcription and auditing.


Real-time Data Collection

Trend Line Selections

Single- and Multi-Series Graphing

Control Bars based on Sigma Range Multipliers

User-defined Graph Choices: Bar, Line, Pie, etc.

User-defined Legends and Labels with Color, Font and Style Selections

There is an extensive range of default complex calculations available that are based on user-defined series.

We have included the ability to generate an unlimited set of reports and data export actions tailored to specific product and process needs.

With Control Charts in QES, you now have a tool set that is both highly-functional and cost-effective. The Tolerance Plot reporting capabilities in Quality Essentials Suite provides an unlimited opportunity for custom reports and analytics that are timely, fully-secure and easily-transmitted.


Close the performance gap between data collection and data analysis

Utilizing our fully integrated data collection and reporting suite means your organizations can benefit from the initiatives of digital transformation and successfully close the performance gaps between data availability and data-based decision making.

Friendly unlimited user access

Most importantly, this solution comes with unlimited users and has user-friendly input and output forms that don’t require you to be a data management expert or mathematical genius.

Single data source for all your performance requirements

Timing of data collection and analysis is the critical factor in real time SPC and immediate feedback is critical. Too often, in order to ensure prompt reading and analysis of data for statistical process control, the data has to be provided to or from multiple sources because of individual tools or access limitation. This leads to fractured process and opportunities for error due to transcription and time delays. QES supports the critical activities of your processes in a single affordable solution.